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Breast Augmentation

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Breast augmentation:

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery procedure to increase breast size and enhance breast shape, typically through the placement of silicone or saline breast implants. From our cosmetic surgeon’s perspective, the ultimate goal of breast augmentation is to enhance a patient’s natural proportions and create a more symmetrical, aesthetically pleasing breast profile. The exact procedure is tailored to meet a woman’s individual needs.
There is no “typical” breast augmentation patient, and women choose to have the procedure for many different reasons—having larger breasts is just one of them. Breast augmentation is one of the most effective procedures to correct noticeable breast asymmetry, and breast implants can be used to help correct tuberous breast deformities.

Restoring breast fullness lost after pregnancy & breastfeeding
Feeling more confident in a swimsuit
Adding balance to better complement curvy hips
Enhancing self-image

The Best Thing of Breast Augmentation

If you think you might be a good candidate for breast augmentation, our surgeon will give you a basic understanding of the procedure and the results you can expect. Because of Dr. Nikhil special interest in this procedure, he has developed a systematic approach to optimize your satisfaction and reduce the need for revisionary procedures following breast augmentation. This approach includes a thorough preoperative evaluation, accurate preoperative sizing, an emphasis on achieving a natural feel and appearance following breast augmentation, and the prevention of complications such as capsular contracture.

Initial Needs of Breast Augmentation:

Size. It can be as simple as that—you would just like to have larger breasts. You're not alone — this is the number one reason that women decide to have breast augmentation surgery. If that's the case, Solace Clinic Breast Surgeon, Dr. Nikhil can help you decide the exact increase in size that will give you the figure that you want. Weight loss. Weight loss can cause significant changes to the size and shape of a woman's breasts. If you've lost a lot of weight and your breasts are deflated, breast augmentation surgery can help you to gain the shape that you want. Breast shape. If you want rounder, fuller breasts, you may decide to have a breast lift or breast augmentation. Dr. Nikhil can explain the difference, and help you decide on the right surgical plan. Asymmetry. If your breasts are asymmetrical, or malformed, you may want to have breast augmentation to balance your breasts and make it easier to find clothes that fit.


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