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Gynaecomastia -Male breast Correction

Sometimes men develop excess fat or breast tissue on their chests. This condition, called Gynaecomastia, can cause distress and embarrassment. Fortunately, under most circumstances, quite good results for breast reduction in men is possible, and at a cost that is affordable for most people.
Gynaecomastia causes can be related to disorders of the endocrine system, the side effects of certain drugs, or can be of congenital origin.
Whatever the causes, treatment of Gynaecomastia is a process of male breast reduction achieved through a combination of fat removal, gland tissue reduction, and skin tightening? Our clinic uses Vaser liposuction, an ultrasonic assisted fat removal technology that eliminates excess breast fat, and sculpts and tightens the chest skin and underlying muscle. When necessary, excess gland tissue is excised by the surgeon, and skin tightening treatments are also applied.

Gynaecomastia is abnormal breast development and in some situations appears, almost overnight, while for other it starts during teenage years. As the years pass, gravity starts to have an effect. Breast reduction is not something that is only for the girls – you don’t have to spend the rest of your life hiding in baggy clothes and holidaying in colder climates – there is a solution!


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